Hello, my name is Piotr Kmiotczyk and I am the owner of Organic Architectural Visualisations, operating out of Poland.

I work with architectural practices, particularly on small to medium projects, and specialize in 3D models and still renderings at various levels of detail.

My studio is scalable, maintaining cooperatiion with a network of freelancers. I have over 5 years professional experience in visualisation, either leading a team or doing solo work, full-time or frelance.

I can offer negotiable prices.

I bellieve every image grows organically and so each project requires a flexible choice of techniques - depending on the shot, available material, time - rather than a set-in-stone process.

My clients include (so far mostly British) architectural practices, sole practitioners and developers, such as:

  • Richard Murphy Architects, Edinburgh
  • Tiger Development, London
  • OISA Designs, Edinburgh
  • Leonard Design Architects, London